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The loss of data happens all the time and in most cases, when you least expect it. A laptop, tablet or mobile phone is a very personal gadget and most people store sentimental information in their devices. The reality however is that these are the most stolen devices anywhere today. With lose of a computer device then you can be sure that you will have lost access to everything you had stored in it. Apart from getting stolen, electronic devices have a tendency to crush even when you have been taking care of it.

Hustle Free Backup

Would you like the peace of mind that comes with the guarantee that your information will always be safe? Then you will be pleased to know that MyPCBackup is an application you can download from the internet and never have to worry about losing data ever again. Once the app is on your device, what you need to do is simply create a schedule for it and all back up operations will be happening in the background. You can backup as many devices as you want, from iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, PC, laptops, and Mac machines.

Easy Access

If you have ever had to share files from your gadgets and you are limited by the location where you had stored them, then you will appreciate the easy sharing that MyPCBackup offers to its users. Apart from being able to access all you documents on a public domain using a password, you can also log in to any device that has the app to see your documents.

Safety of Information

Files that people save are both personal and professional in nature and it is obvious that the size of the files will vary. The MyPCBackup app offers ultimate space capabilities such that any size of file can be stored and retrieved. You do not even need a special device to enable back up with this app. All windows, Mac and Linux computers are compatible for use with this app.

Device Synchronization

Are you worried that the confidential records you need to transfer will not be safe with this application? MyPCBackup makes use of the same system of data encryption that banks use. The fact that you can sync different machines for purposes of data transfer saves time and anti virus protection that is typical of computers and devices that use multimedia storage devices.

If you would peg a price on the value of all the data you have stored in your computer and mobile phone, then you would agree that the little fee you pay for downloading the app to your computer is insignificant. The mobile app is however free to download and use.

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